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Fans of the 1996 movie TWiSTER

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Fan here! [01 Feb 2009|12:18am]

[ mood | calm ]

Hi.....I didn't know this group existed until now......I guess Twister fans are harder to find on LJ as compared to some other flicks.....anyhow, just wanted to say hello......I'm totally in the market for Twister icons if anyone knows how to make those......

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[23 Nov 2008|05:25pm]

[0 - 2] NCIS
[3 - 13] The West Wing
[14] The X Files: Behind the Scenes 
[15 - 16] Notting Hill 

[17 - 31] Twister
[32 - 70] House: Joy 5x06

H.E.R.E @ my Journal 

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[06 Jun 2008|07:46pm]

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I'm so glad I found this community  ...bein' in a former storm chasin' squad the movie was great   ...just wish we could've seen so many Twisters in one day as they did  ...but they kept it to the real side with how tempermental and unpredictable they can be  ...never under estimate the power or the movement of a twister.

The squad I was in I was the map reader and caller  ...like "Rabbit" was in the movie  ...and he is SO right  ..ya "roll the maps  ...never fold 'em"!

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Hey [20 Nov 2007|01:33am]

Whats up everyone?

I absolutely love this movie, ever since I decided to become a meteorologist in 2nd grade I have loved this movie.  I must have seen it so many times that I know the lines by heart.  It really is my favorite movie.  When people find out that it is my favorite they usually say "really? that's a weird choice".  But whatever.

Ok, peace!
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Twister is my favorite movie [06 Nov 2007|01:57am]


I'm so glad I found this community. Twister is my favorite movie. It has been since I first saw it on the big screen. I am constantly looking for twister fanfics and vids, but there aren't many out there.

I did find this story which someone recently posted on ff.net.

oh.. and here is a video I found on youtube. I love it :) It's made me fall in love with the song used.

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A fanvid... ^-^ [18 Oct 2007|08:36am]


Aww, I just noticed this lil comm actually has members... yay!

I myself am not even active in my own LJ, so I dont even get round that often to checking out the many comms I try to keep an eye on, but yea, figured I'd post a lil something here for the few that are sticking around ;D

Back in March 2005, I made a fanvid for Twister, to the song "Come Clean" by Hilary Duff. It's very simple, editing-wise, and I was in my "doing movie-vids with scenes in movieorder" phase too... also cuz I was feeling nostalgic when I made it, so I kept the one minute of credit music at the end of the vid, lol, from the beginning of the end movie credits. But I hope you all like it! Comment here or at its YouTube page, and please rate and fave if you do watch and like it!

YouTube : http://youtube.com/watch?v=7XvmcoREv7E

My site : http://dear.to/luv You can find it in the Movies section, the FileFront link is the one to download ;D

If you have any vids or anything else, even stuff to just share or rec, please feel free to post, lol. Credit when needed, etc. I'm not sure if I'll ever get round to another doing another Twister vid, and I havent watched any others (if theyre are any), but if you find any on YouTube... link away!


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welcome! [16 Oct 2005|08:33am]

[ mood | shaken up :D ]

Hope to find other fans of this awesome movie.

So if you like it too come on in and join and post! LoL

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